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Safepal S1 2023 Hardware Wallet

محفظة أجهزة العملة الرقمية سیف بال اس 1
  • Security Technology:Air Gapped
  • Mobile Applications:Android , IOS
  • Screen Type:Color Screen
  • Camera:Built-in Camera
  • Dimensions (cm):8.6 x 5.4 x 0.6
  • Screen:1.3” IPS screen
  • Input:D-Pad and camera
  • Battery-powered?:Yes
  • Supported coins and tokens:1000+
Additional Info (Product Other info Tab)
EAL 5+ secure element
No Bluetooth, no WiFi, no NFC
100% Off-line cold storage
Air-gapped signing mechanism
1.3’ high resolution IPS screen
Only the size of a credit card
Safepal Official Representative in the UAE
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Safepal S1 2023 Hardware Wallet
Safepal S1 2023 Hardware Wallet
Safepal Official Representative in the UAE
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Product Expert Review Safepal S1 2023 Hardware Wallet

Safepal S1 is an Air-Gapped crypto hardware wallet for securely store digital assets. Isolated from external connections and 100% offlie and cold, Backed by BINANCE

  • Design and Material:
  • Packaging Quality:
  • Ease of use and features:
  • Product Manufacturing Quality:
  • Purchase Value VS Price:
  • Product Innovation:
Positive Points
  • Air Gapped Technology
  • Compatible with Android , IOS
  • Colored Screen Display
  • Inside 400mAh Battery
  • 5MP Built-in Camera
Negetive Points
  • Does not Support Windows, Mac


SafePal S1 hardware crypto wallet was introduced to the crypto community in 2019. And though it’s relatively new, SafePal is a highly innovative wallet that seeks to provide crypto users with a “Secure, Simple, and Enjoyable crypto management solution.” The wallet has the backing of prominent crypto industry players like Binance Exchange. It has also integrated a host of operational and security features to help it achieve this goal.


the wallet IS developed by a group of software, cybersecurity, and hardware experts, with the blessings of Binance. And one of its approaches to solving the constant challenges faced by other crypto hardware wallets is making it a 100% cold storage wallet.

Safepal S1 front and back
safepal number screen

what is Safepal S1 ?

The SafePal S1 is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet with some of the most impressive features on the market. This device stores your private keys, which are generated with an offline computer to ensure their safety. The wallet also supports more than 500 coins and tokens – making it one of the most versatile wallets available today.


SafePal is your gateway to the rapidly expanding galaxy of decentralized applications. SAFEPAL support and cross-chain compatibility make it easy to do everything from buying and selling NFTs to blockchain gaming to liquidity mining, all from the safety of your crypto wallet.

Safepal S1 overview

The SafePal is a relatively new entrant to the hardware wallet scene, and it’s certainly a unique one. Backed by the likes of Binance Labs, Trust Wallet, and the Litecoin Foundation, the SafePal is an affordable and portable cold storage option.

The device is reminiscent of an MP3 player. The D-pad below its color screen is used to navigate the various menus, and a camera is used to scan QR codes when signing transactions.


It has no wired connection (other than that used to charge the battery and to receive updates). The SafePal is almost air-gapped – after updates, its only communication with the outside world is via the information displayed on the screen.


Since the device is almost never plugged into an internet-connected machine, many attack vectors are eliminated. This does come at the cost of usability, though, as the process of spending funds is somewhat clunky. Users pair the wallet with a smartphone app and relay information between the two via QR codes.


That said, the SafePal’s smartphone compatibility and lack of cables make it portable and convenient to use on the go. Like most (if not all) hardware wallets nowadays, the device requires that a PIN code is entered. Users can choose whether to generate a 12-word seed, or a 24-word one.


The greatest downside to the SafePal is that it feels quite fragile. But then again, it’s one of the cheapest hardware wallets available.

user friendly


We're leading the charge for better crypto UX. Our wallets are fast, intuitive to use, and all managed from one easy app.


Your keys, your crypto

Safety is our top concern. Your private keys never leave your non-custodial wallet so no one else has access to them, ever. That includes us.

Cross Platform


SafePal Wallet is available as a software mobile wallet on iOS, Google Play and Android, and most recently as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

SAFEPAL S1 Key features

  • High-resolution screen: Above all, SafePal S1 hardware wallet has a sleek design . it takes the shape of an MP3 player. It features a relatively wide and high-resolution color screen and a D-pad controller that you use to navigate the wallet. It also features a camera whose key role is scanning QR codes for other wallets and exchanges.


  • Mobile app compatible: SafePal hardware wallet developers have also come up with the SafePal wallet app that you can use to manage your crypto balance and facilitate crypto exchanges.


  • Monitor crypto portfolio: The SafePal mobile wallet app features the balance and activity tabs that you can use to monitor your crypto portfolio in real-time. For instance, the activity tab outlines your crypto transaction history (inflows and outflows) and, in turn, helps shape your crypto budget.


  • Integrated exchange: One of SafePal’s key partners is Binance – the largest crypto exchange in the world. And this partly explains why SafePal Wallet mobile app features BinanceDEX that SafePal users can use to trade and exchange different cryptos and exchanges.


  • Send crypto via social media: SafePal’s innovativeness is best highlighted by the wallet user’s ability to send crypto via the different social media networks. A SafePal wallet user can, for instance, send altcoins and tokens to an individual (regardless of whether they have a SafePal wallet or not) via social media.

Earn crypto every day.

Increase your passive income with unique programs designed to help you earn rewards and accelerate your APY.


Safepal turns feedback into tangible improvement, working tirelessly to build updates and products that serve our users' needs.

Effortless trading.

React to market changes and swap between hundreds of assets instantly using our in-app integration with trading mini-programs.

DeFi, demystified

Safepal S1 is taking the decentralized world mainstream with innovative wallet solutions that simplify crypto onboarding . and even make it fun.

SAFEPAL S1 Security features

Pin code: SafePal hardware wallet is secured with a PIN code that you set when creating a user account. It is also fitted with the number randomization tool that helps you avoid key loggers and other spying tools.


Password + pattern for the app: The SafePal mobile wallet app, on the other hand, is secured with a password or a pattern.


Recovery seed: SafePal will also present you with a backup and recovery seed for your wallet and private keys. When creating a user account on the platform, you will be presented with either 12 or 24 random phrases . that form your wallet’s recovery seed. certainly write them down and save them offline.


Secure element: The SafePal hardware wallet is also fitted with a hack-proof EAL5+ secure element . To clarify, this is a global finance industry-grade crypto chip that stores your private keys.


Two-factor authentication: All crypto transactions initiated via the SafePal mobile app must be signed and authenticated using the hardware device.


Key-deletion tool: SafePal S1 wallet features a key deletion tool that allows you to add and delete cryptos and tokens with ease.


Tamper-proof: The hardware wallet’s package features two tamper-proof seals, and so does its secure element. In the case of a suspected cyber hack or if someone tried to tamper with its secure element . the key deletion and self-destruct features will be triggered.


Offline cold storage: In conclusion, SafePal S1 hardware device is a 100% offline vault . it connects to your phone or computer via a USB cable. In addition, it doesn’t maintain wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or otherwise) connections with internet-connected devices.


Certainly there is a boom in the NFT segment of the crypto industry . causing artists and collectors to search for a safe decentralized haven for their NFT assets.


As one of the most NFT compatible hardware wallets in the industry, the SafePal S1 supports NFT platforms . like Openseas, Rarible, and Sandbox, SafePal wallet can store ERC721, ERC1155, and BSC NFTs. In other words, SafePal will keep catering to the NFT segment with secure and convenient storage solutions.

CoolWallet S incradible view

Unboxing: What’s inside?

The device comes with the standard starter manual a USB cable cord, brand stickers, and mnemonic cards . Therefore, you can safely store your mnemonic seed codes and private keys. The color screen is large in size so that you can view all your wallet details properly.

safepal s1 box content
box content of S1

Physical Attributes of Safepal S1

Above all, SafePal S1 is slim and long giving it an edgy look . it is quite handy just the size of a small mobile phone. An important feature is a small camera . just like one in a mobile device on the back of the wallet specifically made for scanning QR codes.


The body is made of plastic and is light and easy to handle. The back of the wallet has a black matt finish giving it a sleek look. The directional pad or D-Pad comes with OK buttons and is extremely easy to handle just like a gaming device.


One of the drawbacks of the screen is that it is not completely smudge-proof . but worry not, SafePal provides you a smudge-proof cleaning cloth to clean the surface of the screen.

Safepal S1 is SIMPLE

Not just store and send…there are more

By pairing the S1 with the SafePal App, you will be able to unlock powerful features. such as token swap, decentralized exchange and dapps login. Don’t forget to make sure that your mobile device is Android 5.0(and above) or iOS 10.0(and above).

Secure and manage unlimited currencies in ONE device

SafePal has integrated with 48 Blockchians and unlimited currencies. You are able to store and manage unlimited currencies all in one device. No need to decide which one to cut-off again.

safepal s1 Seed phrase recovery
Seed phrase recovery-We’ve always got your back

SafePal S1 supports BIP39/44 seed phrase recovery. Even if your S1 is damaged or lost, you can always recover your fund with the mnemonic phrase. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

What our customers say

I love it. I have owned this for about 9 months. It offers tons of coins. I even got a free airdrop recently. I guess the only thing negative is this thing is super duper light weight. I'd love to see a premium version where it has a more solid shell. I'd buy it in a second. The app is great as well!!
Yan Li
Yan Li
Random Safepal S1 user

Safepal S1 supported coins

The S1 manages 23 different cryptocurrencies. It also supports Solana . an up-and-coming cryptocurrency that few hardware wallets currently support. If the mobile app doesn’t recognize a particular token, you can enter its contract address.


The coins supported by the mobile app include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance BEP-2 and BEP-20, Solana, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Polkadot, EOS, Ethereum Classic, NEO/GAS, Kusama, Litecoin, MATIC (Polygon network), ONE, Qtum, Theta/TFUEL, TRON, VeChain/VTHO, Stellar, XRP, and Zcash.


SafePal offers its cryptocurrency, SAFEPAL (SFP), on Binance’s Smart Chain. Bagholders are eligible for discounts, participation in yield farms, and governance voting. You can learn more here.

SafePal Token (SFP)

In January 2021, SafePal introduced the utility token SFP to the SafePal ecosystem. SFP is a decentralized token that is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). So far SafePal has issued about 500,000,000 limited SFP tokens.  SFP can be used in several different ways, including:

  •  Firstly to pay fees:
    Users can pay fees with the SFP and get discounts on SafePal products such as the SafePal hardware wallets and SafePal Swap.

  • Secondly for staking rewards:
    You can stake SFP tokens to qualify for rewards from the SafePal Earn program. To stake means to hold funds in a cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Thirdly to receive bonus & airdrops:
    Holding the SFP token gives you the privilege to receive special coupons and collectibles from SafePal and its partners.

  • fourthly in community governance: 
    SFP token holders can vote on new features and initiate proposals such as including new blockchains on the SafePal products.

Setup and User Experience

Set up is pretty straightforward. After you download and open the SafePal App, you have two options to choose from— software wallets and hardware wallets. You can only pair hardware wallets. You can create a new wallet for the software wallets if you are a new user or import the old one.


Above all, New users can create a software wallet by tapping on the “Software Wallet” tab. This would lead you to the welcome screen. Then you press the “Next” button. You will be automatically asked to set a security password for your SafePal software wallet.


In addition, like other platforms, you would need to input at least 8 alphanumeric characters to create your password. You can add your fingerprint to it and create a pattern password as an extra layer of protection.

Safepal S1 is POWERFUL

SAFEPAL S1 design
Great design makes cryto easier

SafePal S1 is built with a 1.3’ high-resolution screen . an intuitive D-pad and a high-quality camera. All asset details are displayed in the simplest way.

safepal s1 in pocket
Manage crypto anytime, anywhere

With the size of a credit card, SafePal S1 is tiny and slim. You can carry around with it and manage crypto anytime, anywhere. No laptop or tablet needed anymore!

safepal s1 in hand
Send crypto with a simple scan

It takes just a few steps to send crypto with a simple scan. No waiting, no pending. It has never been easier!

5 reasons why SafePal S1 is secure

A cryptocurrency wallet plays a critical role in the protection of crypto assets. Currently there are hundreds of cryptocurrency wallets on the market with different designs, functions, and characteristics. Before choosing the most suitable wallet, customers should always put security in the first place when evaluating all purchasing strategies. Walletbaz unveils the competitive security features of SafePal S1 hardware wallet, and provides practical tips for keeping your assets safe.

1. True random number generator


* What is it?


A random number generator (RNG) is a device that generates a sequence of numbers or symbols . they cannot be reasonably predicted better than by a random chance. Random number generators can be true hardware random-number generators (HRNG) . which generate genuinely random numbers, or pseudo-random number generators (PRNG) .


To put it in an explicit way, a random number generator(RNG) is a device to create a random number. The main difference between (TRNGs) and (PRNGs) is that TRNGs use an unpredictable physical means to generate numbers . Further, PRNGs use mathematical algorithms (completely computer-generated).


The randomness level of a true hardware random number generator(TRNG) is higher than a pseudo random number generator(PRNG) . Certainly in our daily life, the RUG embedded within most of the cellphones, tablets, and PCs is PRNG.


* Why does it matter?




2. Financial grade EAL5+ secure element


* What is it?


SafePal S1 adopts a dual-chip architect . separating sensitive security logic from general business logic inside the product. Inside SafePal S1 there is embedded with an independent security element . whose purpose is to solely protect the safety of private keys and sign every ‘sending out’ payments. 


* Why does it matter?



Financial grade EAL5+ secure element
SafePal is embedded with financial grade EAL5+ secure element, protecting the ultra-security of your private key

3. Multiple layers of security sensors


* What is it?


Security sensors are the components mounted around the secure element, detecting every abnormal act from the external environment. SafePal is embedded with at least 7 layers of security sensors including a light sensor, frequency sensor, temperature sensors, and others. Each sensor is allergic to a different type of external attack.


* Why does it matter?


SAFEPAL S1 security

4. Self-erasing mechanism


* What is it?


Per mentioned in item 3, inside SafePal S1 there lays multiple layers of security sensors. On SafePal S1, once if there is an abnormal attack detected, the sensor will trigger the self-erasing mechanism inside the secure element, wiping the private key off the device, keeping the hacker from getting a hand on the precious key.


* Why does it matter?


Self-erasing mechanism
SafePal self-erasing mechanism protects your crypto assets from a brutal hacking attempt

5. 100% offline hardware architect


* What is it?



keeping the device offline




enable crypto management




* Why does it matter?



The SafePal S1 occupies a unique place in the hardware wallet lineup. Meanwhile, it’s straightforward to operate and comes with some neat features . in spite of being one of the cheapest offerings. Understandably, it doesn’t feel as robust as the likes of a Ledger or Cobo Vault . so users should ensure they back up their seeds carefully.


Nonetheless, this is a great product for users taking the first steps in transitioning from a hot or custodial wallet. In conclusion, for those that don’t plan on frequently transacting, it’s a good portable solution that involves no cables.

Safepal Overall Rating

Overall, SafePal is among the best crypto wallets for both newbie and professional investors and traders .  including crypto enthusiasts. It is reasonably priced and an excellent option for investors looking for an affordable and safe storage option.    

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Technical Specifications Safepal S1 2023 Hardware Wallet

    Appearance Specs
  • Dimensions 86mm x 54mm x 6mm
  • Weight 120 Grams
  • Body Material Compact Plastic (ABS+PVC)
  • Screen Type IPS Color Screen
  • Screen Size 1.3 inches
  • Touch Screen No
  • Number of Buttons 6 Buttons
    Technical Specs
  • Processor EAL 5+ Independent Secure Element
  • Connector Type USB Type C (Only used for battery charging or device offline update)
  • Inside Battery Yes
  • Battery Specs 400 mAh Lithium ion battery
  • Bluetooth No
  • Wi-Fi No
  • Biometric Sensor No
  • Camera Yes
  • Camera Specs High-Speed Scanning QRcode Reader
  • Water Resistance No
  • Impact Resistance No
  • Certified Security Certified Secure Element (CC EAL5+)
    Software Specs
  • Software Compatibility Info Compatible with Android 5.0 (and above) and iOS 10.0 (and above)
  • Supported Operating Systems AndroidIOS
  • Native Platform Name / Info Safepal
  • Backup Type BIP39 – 12 to 24 Seeds Recovery Phrases
  • Pin Code Type SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet : PIN code is a set of 6-12 digitsSoftware App : Set of at least 8 alphanum (letters and numbers)
    Features / Capabilities
  • Special Features AirGapped Technology (100% Offline)Multiple layers of security sensorReal Cold WalletSelf-destruct mechanismSize of a credit cardUnlimited currency storage
    Other Specs
  • Box Content Cleaning Cloth x1Recovery Sheet x3Safepal S1 Hardware Wallet x1Safepal Sticker x2USB Type C Cable x1User Manual

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  • Design and Material
  • Packaging Quality
  • Ease of use and features
  • Product Manufacturing Quality
  • Purchase Value VS Price
  • Product Innovation
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you can find almost all FAQs around web about this product collected by Walletbaz team. also you can ask your questions, then we will answer your questions and add them into this page FAQs section


How safe is SafePal wallet?

Is SafePal safe? Yes, SafePal is easily one of the safest wallets out there. It comes with advanced security features like Self destruct mechanism, hack-proof EAL5+ secure element and two-factor authentication.

How do I send crypto to SafePal wallet?

On the Asset page within the SafePal App, select ETH, and enter the ETH Wallet Detail page. This page will provide all necessary transaction details that have occurred via your ETH within their respective wallet. Next, select Receive and enter the ETH Receive page.

How do I charge my SafePal wallet?

In order to maintain the best working condition of the lithium battery, we recommend charging the SafePal wallet at least once every 3 months. Even if the battery is out of service eventually, the SafePal S1 device can still function normally by plugging into a computer using a USB cable.

Can I swap on SafePal?

Using the SafePal Cross-chain Swap, you are able to exchange tokens without worrying about which network it belongs to. Simply select the token that you want to swap for and create a swap order inside the SafePal App.

Is SafePal a DeFi wallet?

SafePal is one of the most secure hardware and software wallets in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The wallet provider backed by Binance allows users to own and have control of their assets safely and conveniently.

Is Safepal application free ?

SafePal cryptocurrency wallet application is a secure, decentralized, easy-to-use and free application to manage more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies at your fingertips. With the SafePal application, you can store, send, receive, buy and trade cryptocurrencies at ease, with smooth and intuitive user experience!

What should I do if my firmware upgrade fails?

The firmware upgrade mechanism of SafePal hardware wallet enables user to be updated with the latest SafePal product features and new blockchian integrations. To properly upgrade your SafePal Hardware Wallet, there are a few key takeaways to pay attention to in order to avoid upgrade failures.

I can’t view the balance on the S1 hardware wallet, why is that?
Actually, your crypto asset is on the blockchain, and you manage the asset with the only proof of your ownership of these assets—the mnemonic phrase. SafePal App or SafePal server doesn’t store or access your private key, mnemonic phrase, or crypto assets.
S1 hardware wallet is a tool to keep your mnemonic phrase safe and protect your asset from malicious hackers, while the SafePal App is responsible for all the interaction with the internet and blockchain.
Since the S1 device is 100% offline, the balance won’t be automatically synchronized to the S1 hardware wallet. It’s not until the S1 device signs an out-flow transfer then it ‘knows’ the existence of this newly added token. To view the balance of your assets, please kindly use the SafePal App.
Furthermore, you don’t have to transfer your asset from SafePal App to SafePal hardware device.
Can I pair the SafePal S1 hardware wallet with other apps?
Unfortunately, for now, the SafePal hardware wallet cannot be paired with other Apps except SafePalApp.
The SafePal hardware wallet is 100% offline, thus cannot interact with the blockchain. To use a SafePal S1 hardware wallet, users will have to pair it with SafePal App via QRcode communications. Once a SafePal hardware wallet is paired with SafePal App, all your asset details such as balance or token list can be viewed within the SafePaL App.
Can I create multiple wallets on one SafePalS1?

Yes, you can create as many wallets as you want with a SafePal S1 hardware wallet. But you can’t switch between different wallets automatically. you can reset the wallet and create a new wallet with the same device but cannot manage them in parallel at the same time.